Title Competency Focus
Webinar Series: Social Media for IVP 6 IVP
Webinar Series: Using Communication and Media to Prevent Injuries & Violence 6 IVP
S.M.A.R.T. Objectives & Integrating Program Planning and Evaluation Using Logic Models 3 IVP
Setting Standards to Advance Injury and Violence Prevention in Local Health Departments 3 IVP
The Hexagon Tool 3 Cross-cutting
Understanding and Using Injury Cost Data in Your Prevention Efforts 2
IVP Evidence Series 3 IVP
Moving Mountains: How you can save lives through child injury and violence prevention 1 IVP
National CLAS Standards, Health Literacy and Communication 6 Cross-cutting
Outcome Evaluation: When To Do It and How To Get Started 4 Cross-cutting, IVP
Introduction to Public Health Surveillance 2 Cross-cutting
Health Equity & IVP Webinar Series 3 IVP
ICD-10-CM Overview & Injury Matrices 2 IVP
Equity and Empowerment Lens: A Tool to Create Equitable Policies and Programs 3 Cross-cutting
Advocacy vs Lobbying in Public Health 7 Cross-cutting
CDC’s Veto Violence: Understanding Evidence 3 IVP