Viewing Resource: Promoting Health Equity: A Resource to Help Communities Address Social Determinants of Health

Resource Overview

This workbook is for public health practitioners and partners interested in addressing social determinants of health in order to promote health and achieve health equity.

This workbook was created to encourage and support the development of new and the expansion of existing, initiatives and partnerships to address the social
determinants of health inequities. Content is drawn from Social Determinants of Disparities in Health: Learning from Doing, a forum sponsored by the U.S. Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention in October 2003. Forum participants included representatives from community organizations, academic settings, and public
health practice who have experience developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to address conditions contributing to health inequities. The workbook
reflects the views of experts from multiple arenas, including local community. The workbook builds on existing resources and highlights lessons learned by communities working toward this end. Readers are provided with information and tools from these efforts to develop, implement,
and evaluate interventions that address social determinants of health equity.

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