Viewing Resource: A Road Map to Implementing Evidence-Based Programs

Resource Overview

“This course provides guidance to facilitate selection and implementation of one of the many evidence-based programs related to prevention and treatment that are publicly available today. You will learn how to (1) select the program that best matches your organization’s needs and (2) carry out the steps necessary to implement the program you choose.
Intended Audience

Individuals who may benefit from this course include members of an organization working collaboratively to identify and implement an evidence-based program.
Whether you’re looking for a program that addresses bullying, underage drinking, drug abuse, or treatment of a specific mental health disorder, the information here can help you in the selection and implementation of a suitable program. Those who may find the course useful are:
Administrators, program directors, or clinicians charged with identifying, selecting, and implementing a program to meet the needs of their target population, funders, community, etc.
Individuals interested in learning more about best practices and strategies for successful program selection and implementation”

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