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Topic(s): Cross-Cutting - Data/assessment, Systems thinking
Format: online
CEU Credits: 0 Hours
Contact: Safe States Alliance (770) 690-9000


Getting started with systems dynamics modeling in falls prevention. We’ve all seen model projections related to COVID-19.  Systems Dynamic Modeling can help us understand how systems work and anticipate how changes will affect specific components and the overall system.  This understanding impacts policy, management, and health outcomes.  Kristi will briefly present her progress of modeling in older adult fall prevention and encourage group discussion in exploring how systems modeling can be applied to injury prevention.


Kristi Ladowski, MPH

Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator

Stony Brook Trauma Center

Stony Brook, New York

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If you encounter any technical difficulties related to this training, please contact the Safe States Alliance at or (770) 690-9000.

Time/Length: 1 Hours
Additional Registration Required: no
Core Competencies:
CHES Areas of Responsibility: Area VII: Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the Profession
CPH Core Areas: Environmental Health Sciences
CPH Cross-Cutting Areas Systems Thinking