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Topic(s): Cross-Cutting - Policy, Program design/implementation, Systems thinking,
Unintentional Injury - Sports-related injury (including TBI/concussions),
Format: Online
CEU Credits: 1.5 Hours
Contact: Safe States Alliance(770)

During this webinar, Safe States Alliance, CDC, and the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) provide updates and presentations on programs and policies in Massachusetts, Oregon, and Washington that have been developed and implemented to prevent concussions in youth sports.

Time/Length: 1.5 Hours
Additional Registration Required: No
Core Competencies: Injury & Violence Prevention:
2. Ability to access, interpret, use and present injury and/or violence DATA
3. Ability to DESIGN and IMPLEMENT injury and/or violence prevention activities
5. Ability to BUILD and MANAGE an injury and/or violence prevention program
6. Ability to DISSEMINATE INFORMATION related to injury and/or violence prevention to the community, other professionals, key policy makers and leaders through diverse communication networks
7. Ability to STIMULATE CHANGE related to injury and/or violence prevention through policy, enforcement, advocacy and education

Public Health:
Communication Skills
Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills
Policy Development/Program Planning Skills

CHES Areas of Responsibility: Area II: Plan Health Education/Promotion
Area III: Implement Health Education/Promotion
Area V: Administer and Manage Health Education/Promotion
Area VI: Serve as a Health Education/Promotion Resource Person
Area VII: Communicate, Promote, and Advocate for Health, Health Education/Promotion, and the Profession
CPH Core Areas: Environmental Health Sciences
Health Policy and Management
Social and Behavioral Sciences
CPH Cross-Cutting Areas Communication and Informatics
Programs Planning
Systems Thinking