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Topic(s): Cross-Cutting - Data/assessment,
Unintentional Injury - Injury Codes,
Format: Online
CEU Credits: 1.5 Hours
Contact: Safe States Alliance (770) 690-9000

In anticipation of the launch of ICD-10-CM coding for use in medical records, the Core VIPP and Safe States presented this webinar in 2013. The webinar provides the viewer with both an overview of the basic structure of the ICD-10-CM with a specific emphasis on the injury chapters and an introduction to the recommended injury coding matrices.


The learning objectives for this webinar include:

*ICD-10-CM Structure

* ICD-10-CM Injury Chapters

* ICD-10-CM External Cause of Injury Matrix

* ICD-10-CM Injury Diagnosis Matrix


Continuing education credits are offered for this training for Safe States members. These include credits for individuals who are Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and Certified in Public Health (CPH)

Time/Length: 1.5 Hours
Additional Registration Required: No
Core Competencies: Injury & Violence Prevention:
2. Ability to access, interpret, use and present injury and/or violence DATA

Public Health:
Analytical/Assessment Skills
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills

CHES Areas of Responsibility: Area I: Assess Needs, Resources, and Capacity for Health Education/Promotion
CPH Core Areas: Environmental Health Sciences
CPH Cross-Cutting Areas