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Topic(s): Cross-Cutting -
Format: online
CEU Credits: 0 Hours
Contact: Safe States Alliance at or call (770) 690-9000


The Safe States Anti-racism and Health Equity Workgroup hosted this Peer Learning Call which focused on implementing strategies at the organizational level to shift priorities and culture toward equitable approaches as a central component of injury and violence programs and service delivery.


Mary Lauby, a member of the Anti-racism and Health Equity Workgroup presented on work underway in her organization to apply a cultural shift towards more equitable approaches. She is the Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Level I Trauma Center at UW-Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Sonia Williams, Injury-Free Louisiana Network and Training Coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Health moderated the call. She is also a member of the Anti-racism and Health Equity Workgroup.


Peer learning calls are informal and are designed to facilitate group discussion among all participants. These calls are not recorded; in person participation is encouraged. Presentation slides are below for those who were unable to attend.


View the Powerpoint Slides:

Mary’s presentation


If you encounter any technical difficulties related to this training, please contact the Safe States Alliance at or (770) 690-9000.

Time/Length: 1 Hours
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