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Topic(s): Cross-Cutting - Program design/implementation, Research, Systems thinking
Format: online
CEU Credits: 1 Hours
Contact: Safe States Alliance (


Injury and Violence Prevention Professionals and Researchers work towards the same goal of preventing injury in our communities. However, the approach taken and the language used to reach this outcome can vary greatly dependent on your perspective.


This presentation focused on examining the cross-roads of these approaches and understanding how to translate the needs of each group for one another in order to form more effective partnerships, improve research and overall IVP programming.




Kevin Rix, PhD, MPH
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Penn Injury Science Center
University of Pennsylvania


Katie J. Harmon, PhD
Research Associate
UNC Highway Safety Research Center


Learn more by viewing the webinar here.


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Time/Length: 1 Hours
Additional Registration Required: no
Core Competencies:
CHES Areas of Responsibility: Area IV: Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education/Promotion
Area V: Administer and Manage Health Education/Promotion
Area VI: Serve as a Health Education/Promotion Resource Person
CPH Core Areas: Environmental Health Sciences
CPH Cross-Cutting Areas Programs Planning