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Ability to maintain and further develop COMPETENCY as an injury and/or violence prevention professional

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  1. Demonstrate the ability to access and use key journal and electronic resources to obtain updated information regarding injury and/or violence prevention.
  2. Identify key professional organizations and agencies related to injury and/or violence prevention and describe how these organizations can assist in maintaining and developing skills.
  3. Identify a potential mentor/advisor who has experience in injury and/or violence prevention and can assist with professional development.
  4. Identify and describe training resources, conferences and courses that would be appropriate for learning new information on injury and/or violence prevention strategies, research and best practices.

Topic: General Resources

Title Focus* Type
American Trauma Society: Injury Prevention Coordinator’s Course IVP In-person
Indian Health Service (IHS) Injury Prevention Training Program IVP In-person
Injury Free Coalition for Kids IVP In-person, Online
Safe States Alliance IVP In-person, Online
TRAIN National Learning Network Cross-cutting Online
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