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Ability to STIMULATE CHANGE related to injury and/or violence prevention through policy, enforcement, advocacy and education

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  1. Develop and implement a culturally appropriate marketing plan to promote an injury and/or violence prevention activity (e.g. within an organization, given community, etc.).
  2. Describe the differences between policy, education, lobbying and advocacy as tools to stimulate change in the community.
  3. Identify key prevention policies, laws or regulations that address injury and/or violence.
  4. Identify gaps in policies, laws, regulations and enforcement that, if addressed, could reduce injury and/or violence in the community.
  5. Identify potential partners and opponents in influencing policies, laws, regulations and enforcement and distinguish their roles.
  6. Describe the role the media and other communication channels play in public education and how to utilize these channels to shape public opinion about injury and/or violence prevention.
  7. Identify information on the cost of injury and/or violence and be able to describe its application in policy making.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with advocacy/survivor groups (e.g. MADD, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, etc.) to advance injury and/or violence prevention policies, laws or regulations.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to use research and evaluation to develop culturally appropriate policy, advocacy and education initiatives.
  10. Demonstrate the ability to translate policy into organizational plans and programs.
  11. Understand how policy change can have positive or negative effects on injury and/or violence outcomes.

Topic: General Resources

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Advocacy vs Lobbying in Public Health Cross-cutting Webinar
Introduction to Policy Analysis in Public Health Cross-cutting Course
Introduction to Policy Evaluation in Public Health Cross-cutting Course
The Facts Hurt: A State-by-State Injury Prevention Policy Report IVP Publication
Understanding Your Role in Injury & Violence Prevention Policy IVP Course
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