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Ability to BUILD and MANAGE an injury and/or violence prevention program

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  1. Describe how to establish and maintain an advisory group to assist with the development and monitoring of goals for injury and/or violence prevention within a population (e.g. a community, a state, among children, among Latinos, etc.).
  2. Develop a long-range plan for injury and/or violence prevention and identify issues that may impact program goals, implementation, and sustainability.
  3. Identify key funding sources for injury and/or violence prevention activities.
  4. Prepare a proposal for funding from an external source.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to create, justify, and manage a budget.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to prioritize the allocation of resources (e.g. personnel, financial, space, time, equipment, etc.) to align with program goals.
  7. Develop a plan for hiring, supervising and promoting the professional development of staff.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues that may arise in injury and/or violence prevention practice.
  9. Describe ways that injury and/or violence prevention can be integrated into other programs and identify common barriers to integration.
  10. Demonstrate the ability to leverage program success to further program growth
  11. Demonstrate the ability to develop and use performance standards to monitor program success.

Topic: General Resources

Title Focus* Type
Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide Cross-cutting Publication
Effective Leadership Cross-cutting, IVP Course
Federal Budget Process Cross-cutting Slides/Lecture
Making the Case for Injury and Violence Prevention: A Conversation Starter for State Injury and Violence Prevention Directors to Use with State Health Officials and Other Leaders IVP Publication
Managing Complexity in Public Health: An Approach to Adaptive & Collaborative Learning Cross-cutting, IVP Course
Sustainability Planning Guide Cross-cutting Publication
The Community Toolbox Cross-cutting Tool, Website
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