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Ability to DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN injury and/or violence as a major social and health problem.

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  1. Define injury and/or violence and describe the concepts of intentionality and mechanism as they relate to injury and/or violence.
  2. Describe the biomechanics which underlie how injuries occur.
  3. Describe how injury and/or violence compare with other leading causes of morbidity and mortality and with regard to burdens on the population (e.g. incidence, cost, years of potential life lost, etc.).
  4. Explain how injuries and/or violence are preventable.
  5. Describe an approach to prevention that includes the following steps: (1)problem detection/assessment, (2) identification of risk and protective factors, (3) development of interventions and (4) evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions.
  6. Explain the continuum of injury and/or violence prevention, from primary prevention to acute care and rehabilitation.
  7. Explain the importance of collaboration and the role that different agencies, organizations, and disciplines play in prevention.
  8. Describe how conceptual models (e.g. Haddon Matrix, social ecological model, etc.) are used to portray the multiple factors underlying injury and/or violence.
  9. Describe the disparity in the risks of injury and/or violence (e.g. differences by age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, location, access to economic resources, access to health care services, sexual orientation, creed, community norms, and the environment).
  10. Describe the influence of a variety of factors (including age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, access to economic resources, sexual orientation, creed, community norms, access to health care services, and the environment) on injury and/or violence prevention.

Topic: General Resources

Title Focus* Type
Building Safer States: Core Components of State Public Health Injury & Violence Prevention Programs IVP Publication
CDC’s Principles of Prevention (POP) IVP Course
Connecting the Dots: An Overview of the Links Among Multiple Forms of Violence IVP Publication
IVP 360 IVP Course
Indian Health Service (IHS): Injury Prevention IVP Website
Injury Prevention Overview IVP Slides/Lecture
Moving Mountains: How you can save lives through child injury and violence prevention IVP Webinar
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